Moves Ric Flair Shouldn't Do: Powerbomb Kidman

We at YCPK like to commemorate things. Like birthdays and Solar Eclipses and stuff. In keeping with that tradition, we will commemorate Wrestlemania 25 and Ric Flair's pending retirement by providing Ric Flair-related content leading up to the big day. You're excited, right? You should b...oh. Hmmm...apparently, Ric Flair retired last year. But since we already have the content ready to go...

You are: The one and only, Nature Boy Ric Flair

Your opponent: Billy Kidman

The setup: You have Kidman set up for a piledriver but realize, hey, you're Ric Flair. So you try to powerbomb him.

The result: OK, at this point, you REALLY don't get it. Like it says right at the top of the page: You. Can't. Powerbomb. Kidman. That means don't effin' try it. Even if you're Ric Flair. Heck, ESPECIALLY if you're Ric Flair. Like 98% of your moves get reversed. Hang your head in shame for even trying!

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